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-Mike K.

Mike K pulling his front wheels off the ground after installing the Speed Technologies exhaust (picture supplied by Mike K)

996TT - John, I just wanted to drop you a few lines to share my impressions of your exhaust. As you may remember, I have a 2001 996 Twin Turbo. My car has been UMW flashed, K&N filter, Forge Diverters and now your SpeedTech exhaust system. I have to say that prior to owning my 996TT, I have owned 2 Dodge Vipers and after changing their exhaust systems several times, I never really got the desired sound... therefore, I was VERY hesitant to change my 996TT exhaust due to the high cost and fear of a getting a loud & raspy system. Thank you for the time spent settling my nerves. I have to say that for me, I think that your system is perfect for my 996TT, especially at WOT. The stock exhaust was too quiet, however, now, my car sounds like a Porsche 996TT should sound... not too loud at WOT and not too quiet around town...Thanks again,


996TT - I am very happy with my new Speed Tech exhaust from AST. I made my decision after reading several posts on Rennlist and 6 SpeedOnline. The Speed Tech product seemed to offer the most value for the money. John and his team delivered unbelievable support before, during, and after the sale. They were very patient and friendly. The exhaust sounds great. The stock exhaust is much too quiet. I am very pleased with the final product. Thanks for great product, terrific price and outstanding service!

Jon B

996TT - exhaust is insane! I love it! AND it does add some serious power. Fitment, finish, sound are all top notch! I have had a PSI loud, and RUF and this by far is the best. My brother will be in contact with you to buy one as well. Thanks for the smooth transaction.

Shiraz, Chicago

996TT - John, Just a quick note to say many thanks for shipping the exhaust which arrived very quickly and safely. Local motor sport centre fitted the item and they, like myself, were very impressed with the quality and sound of the unit. They said it was the best one they had fitted! Thanks again

Paul H,UK

Subaru WRX - Hey Chad, I've had the cat back on my 03 WRX for a week now. It's mated up to a grimmspeed catless downpipe. Fitment is awesome! i didn't use the kartboy hangers yet, so it sits a little high but I will be throwing them in once the weather warms up a little. As for the sound all i can say is WOW! It sounds really nice when it idles, but when you open it up it's I love it! I find there is very little drone at highway speeds which is great in my book. No complaints from the lady either. We're going to install the TBE on my friends STI over the holidays here, so i will send you a quick note on how that goes. On a side note: Delivery was very fast and well packaged. Thank you Chad! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

B.A. Calgary, Alberta Canada

996TT 3.0 "LOUD" - speedtech crossflow! worth it!

I just wanna tell the board that i just installed a crossflow x cellerator loud version today and it was awesome. the sound is exotic like and i felt the difference in terms of torque or maybe its just me. But the car is more responsive and definitely gets notice with the exotic sound. Even my mechanic was impressed with it. He said it sounds SICK. I definitely recommend this exhaust for the price, sound, performance, and very good customer service. Keep it up John.

P.S - I have no affiliation with, just expressing my opinion and appreciation.

L.B. Chicago, IL

996TT 2.5 "quiet" - I have the quiet version of this exhaust and am VERY pleased with it...Drone is minimal and I'd compare it to the EP2 quiet that I've sampled in other members cars...

NH Washington

996TT 2.5 "quiet" - 997TT X-cellerator X-flow experience

John has designed a great exhaust system in the x-flow accelerator. I have had the 2.5 quiet on my car for 1-2k miles now and I think it offers just the right balance of aggressive sound without drone. It provides a unique, exotic type of sound for the 997TT and is not overly quiet despite the label. At WOT, it is much louder. I have paired it with a BMC filter and Evo recric valves, and the sound is just where I like it for street. For track use, I'm planning to run it with the muffler bypass set up for a little more volume


997TT 3.0 "LOUD" - After trying some exhaust systems ... I ended up with Speedtech X flow 3 inch system ... Sound is awesome and i wont change it...

996TT 2.5 "quiet" - John, First,thank you so much for taking my word for it that i didn’t receive the decat pipes and sending them over straight away. should market the exhaust without cats – i wish i had a HD recorder to provide a sound clip as the 2.5” exhaust benefits hugely from the removal of even the 100 cell cats. I can’t believe how much crisper the note is...there’s a distinct edge now, with the traditional Porsche howl up top, very muted with the cats in place before.

The best part of all this is that THERE IS NO DRONE

Linus, Australia

996TT 3.0 "LOUD" - The first and last exhaust any 996/997 owner should purchase. The fact that I can remove my muffler and install the straight pipe section is yet another reason why these exhaust components are superior. I said it before and I'll say it again.... I love my SpeedTech exhaust!


996TT 3.0 "LOUD" - Hi John, The package arrived yesterday. I was looking at a crazy work week and couldn't wait. I had my indy shop in Reno install it today. The mechanic who has 30 years experience in building P-car race cars was very complimentary. He said the quality and ease of installation was easily on par with much more expensive systems. He also commented on how different (in a great way) the sound was. I completely agree.

I just got back from a good run and all I can say is I love the sound. I am so glad I went with the loud version. At idle it is downright quiet. At WOT it is a glorious sound. I was really impressed with the improved throttle response the most though. The car just feels entirely different. I was pleasantly surprised at the improvement a simple mod like this makes.

Nick, CA

996TT 2.5 "quiet" - I'm running the 2.5 quiet as well, with CATS on it's very quiet, little to no drone, I actually prefer the no CATS setup, makes it a tad bit more aggressive. Great exhaust, passes the wife and kid test, price is reasonable, give Speedtech a call


996TT 2.5 "quiet" - I've run five different exhausts on my car in the 4.5 years I've had it... I FINALLY found what I feel is the perfect $3000 exhaust system... Contact John at Speedtech and talk to him about his Xcellerator QUIET. I was in your shoes long ago, with the Fabspeed... And three other systems... Don't expect I'll be swapping out exhausts anymore... The wife is even happy with it... And when I "commute" in it, it's a 150 RT to my customer's location. This car now is actually fun as a daily driver without the headaches and with the ability to talk on the cellphone or listen to the stereo on LOW volume. Had this system for well over a year now, with 5K miles on it... This one is the "right" one... for me, anyway!

Mike, VA

996TT 2.5 "quiet" - My 2.5 quiet x-cellerator from speedtech experience

I haved owned several exhausts for my turbo, five now in total and thankfully my last. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my 2.5 quiet x-cellerator exhaust I got from John at speedtech. Personally I had the crazy loud droney exhausts, the boring stock (but drone free) exhaust note as well as some models in between. But nothing sounds as sweet as this cross flow. Its hard to explain its just right, not too loud as to annoy my neighbors but a monster when "I" want it to be.

Scott, Canada

997TT 3.0 "RACE" (catless) - John, Just installed the exhaust and it sounds wonderful! The turbo whistle is seriously loud, especially after tune! When it gets higher up in RPM (3500-4500), it sort of reminds me of my old NSX with Gruppe M exhaust. Really wakes the car up! You can hear the turbo whistle from miles away. Really glad I got this exhaust - I tell you it's pretty hard to go blind into something just based off of trust! You've been great the whole time and I'm glad I went with you guys.

Robert, Canada

996TT 2.5 "quiet" - John, You guys have created one sweet-sweet sounding exhaust, my man. I mean sweet!!! Its about as close to a GT-3 as you could possibly get. And like you said - no drone. You can clearly hear the turbos when its not screaming at WOT. Either way - it sounds glorious. Thanks a bunch. It truly sounds better than I thought it would.

Steve, TN 996TT

996TT 3.0 "LOUD) - I was unsure if I should go with the 3.0 loud or 2.5 quiet exhaust and spoke to John via eml/phone several times. In the end we chose the 3.0. The exhaust really fits the new mean, purpose built look the car gives off. You can drive the car in certain RPM zones and sneak around- but make no mistake this exhaust can rip and it sounds bada$$! Hands down best system by far! Car is much more responsive/quick and am really looking forward to a trip back down to Laguna next weekend. Sorry for the ramble- but I'm so pleased with the car right now!

Mark G, CA

996TT 3.0 "LOUD- RACE" (catless) - I have a 3" cat-less system. Hands down the best out there - i LOVE it.


996TT 2.5 "quiet" - Ok so its been on the car for 3 months now and I was brave enough to replace the Europipe with a 2.5 Speedtech Quiet running a Designtek foam air filter and 620Hp engine. Today it was a rare occurence taking my 3 Children 13,12 & 7 to Theatre school. First of all, none of them complained about the noise (has happened many times before) and whilst having difficulty in town looking for a parking space, on light throttle, coming out of a junction this exhaust just purs like a 993 its very sweet. Now usually I wont hold
back to critisize, but also when praise is due it needs to said, Well done John !

Richard D, UK

997.1 - I bought high-flow cats, x-pipe, mufflers and tips from Automotive Speed Technologies in NH, I knew some guys that had 'em on turbos and I looked EVERYWHERE before buying this set.....all I can say is WOW! It was the exact sound, look, and feel I wanted Price is awesome, and quality is fantatstic, and I'm not even being paid to give them such props, lol! If you want Zero drone, Zero CEL, a perfect fit, I would highly recommend it, I can get you a sound clip on my car (still need to take one anyway). Good luck!

Eric, NH

996TT 2.5 "quiet" - John, oh my god! I love the sound of my Porsche!! I hear noises I never heard before from this car, like the turbo spooling up! Nice rumble on de cell, and when accelerating though an over pass unbelievable! Thank you, I love it!

Jim P, RI

996TT 2.5 "quiet" - Having purchased and installed my 2.5" quiet system from John in May 2010, I could not be more satisfied with both the product and the service from John and company. On the sales side, John was patient in answering my apprehensive questions (having unfavorable 993 drone experiences with other aftermarket products). During my install, when a question arose, John returned my call on the weekend (how many vendors do that??).

The product receives unsolicited comments on its sound quality from even non-Porsche owners (the most recent just a few weeks back). The spooling whoosh is cool to hear, the WOT invigorating, and the butt-dyno gives two thumbs up as well (but not up the butt ).If you are on the fence about this product, pull the trigger and move forward; you will be sorry you waited so long...Thanks John !!

Guy N, CA

996TT 3.0 "LOUD-RACE" - I have a SpeedTech cat-less 3" system on my 996TT and it is a superb sounding system and IMO the best out there

Alexi P, MI

996TT 2.5 quiet - I finally picked up the car yesterday and have yet to see the dyno results, BUT, they told me that there was minor slipping of the clutch at max boost pressure. They reduced it slightly to prevent future slippage. The car is still at approx 500+ AWHP and 600 ft/lbs at the wheels. I can now officially scare anyone in my car including me. I am VERY pleased with the exhaust and tips and the engine work. I need time to have all of it sink in.

Dave M, NY

996TT 3.0 "LOUD" - Hi John.

I have fitted your system today.....f.cking Hell it sounds the business !! Very Gt3RS but with more "bass" and bark. Really like the sound, best sound on TT I have ever heard !!!

Stephane, UK

996TT 2.5 "quiet" - +1 for speedtech 2.5 xflow. I hated drone as well and went through 5 different exhausts systems before finally getting my speedtech. It's the best of both worlds. Aggressive when I want it to be and nice and mellow when I don't. You won't be sorry.

Gearhead, 6speedonline

Crazyfrog, UK

996TT 2.5 "quiet" - Hey John, just wanted to say thanks to you and Chad! You guys were a huge help in getting my system installed. All the emails and support was impressive. I feel like I got the right system for me. I installed SpeedTech 2.5 x-pipe with 100 cell cats about a month ago now. The sound is awesome and the car really comes alive now. My Wife even likes the louder sound so it is a win-win! Had it down at Laguna Seca and it was a blast!

996landjet, CA

996TT 2.5 "quiet" - Still loving my 2.5 xflow. Best by FAR of the five systems I've had. Anybody on the fence you won't be sorry. And happy to support great people who stand behind their product.

Gearhead, 6speedonline (update)

996TT 2.5 "quiet" - John, I see why customers rave about you guys at SpeedTech. I appreciate you taking the extra effort......You have gained another customer. I will take a 2.5 X-cellerator system with 100-cell cats. I have a 2003 Porsche 911 Twin Turbo X-50.

Joel, TX.

996TT 2.5 "quiet" - I have a "2.5" system on mine. I was finally able to hear it from the outside of the car last weekend at COTA (my cousin was co-driving it). The car sounds very aggressive under WOT, but nice and mellow while driving in the city. Very happy customer here.

JB, Rennlist

996TT 3.0 "LOUD" - At WOT the Speedtech sounds amazing. Loud, but amazing. His car is tuned, so it starts off the line a bit quicker than mine... with my windows down, and his rear just ahead of my passenger window, it sounded like a racecar. Shriek till your ears hurt. However from inside the car at speed, you dont realize how loud the exhaust is. Overall he is quite happy with it.

Nick, Rennlist

996TT 2.5 "quiet" - The car is kickin ass. Sounds great. Thanks.

Drew, OR

996 - GT3 X-Pipe - Speed tech makes good stuff. I just installed a set of race cats on my gt3 and the fit was great, sounds amazing and John made something special for me so I could keep the mufflers I had.

Christian R., Montreal
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